For reasons unknown

So after over 12 years of contributing my opinions on Hibs to social media sites like, I’ve decided to start my own blog. Why? No idea. Apart from the fact that I enjoy talking and reading about all things Hibs. I check webpages like NewsNow daily to see what new stories are floating around the internet about my club, I read forums daily and any blogs on the club. I also listen to podcasts such as Monday Night Fitba’, The Terrace and The Burst Baw. I find these much more enjoyable than the mainstream podcasts & radio shows, so as you can see, I’m well aware that social media is fairly saturated with peoples opinions on Hibs & Scottish football. Yet I’m still gonna crack on!

A wee bit about me. I’m 34 years old and would call myself a “dyed in the wool” Hibby. My dad and all his siblings are Hibbies, as was my Granny, and then on my mums side, my Grandad was a Hibby too. I remember going to Easter Road as a youngster, standing behind the goals with my cousin. We would go to Pearces bar on Elm row before the match (back when it was a spit and sawdust pub rather than the overpriced wine bar it has now become), and my first real memory is crying because my favourite player, Mickey Weir, was stretchered off the park. I also remember being at the hands off Hibs rally with my dad, and the 1991 Skol Cup final (vaguely).
In ’91, my dad moved us down to England as his workplace (Millers foundry in London Road) was closing down. Although now based in Cheshire, Hibs were still my number 1 team. I used to occasionally take in a Crewe Alex game, but it paled into comparison against me and my dads 8 hour round trips to Easter Road, leaving 5 minutes before the final whistle to be able to make it back to the station for our train home. We even got a season ticket when Hibs pushed their “Stand Up and Be Counted” campaign in around 2002. I spent many afternoons tho, watching teletext (page 532 was Hibs I think) for the latest Hibs news and match “updates”.
When we first went down there, there was no access to Scottish newspapers. After a year or so my dad managed to get a newsagent to get us a Sunday Mail ON THE MONDAY. We eventually got it on the Sunday morning, and even got a Daily record on a Saturday after a while. Nowadays these papers are easily picked up down there, but it was a rarity at that time, and was a big deal being able to read some Hibs news and match reports.
In 2004, the family decided to move back to Scotland. I had no ties so decided to come back too. My one condition was, wherever we move to, we are in easy distance of Easter Road. And we came back just in time for Tony Mowbrays first season in charge.
I’ve been a season ticket holder ever since, and have resided in the new East stand since it was built. I sit with my dad, my friend and my son, who has now become obsessed with the Hibees too. Perfect for helping me convince my wife that we are gonna spend another Saturday travelling to Greenock/Dumfries/Dumbarton.

Social media has certainly become a huge part of a football fans life. The amount of information we now crave continues to grow, and thankfully our club seems to be keeping up with the demands these days. Yes there are downsides to social media, but in the whole, it has become a very important part of being a football fan. And being a slightly out of town fan, it has introduced me to a lot of Hibs fans I may never have got to know. I have been introduced to fans all over the world who are even more dedicated than I was while living in Cheshire. Australian fans, saving up for months to spend a few weeks in Sunny Scotland watching the Hibs, guys getting up at silly o clock in the morning to listen to a muffled live audio feed of the match from Alloa. The things us fans do for our club is crazy. But worth it.

I think it’s important in my blog, that I will be mainly focusing on Hibs. It won’t be about whats going on at Ibrox or Tynecastle. There’s PLENTY places if you want to read about that. This will mainly be my musings on Hibs. And there probably isn’t a better time to begin. We are on a fantastic run at the minute; our club is in a good place, with the right people running it, and slowly but surely the fans are coming back. Ok, there is still one more thing we need to do to complete the circle, and that’s promotion back to the Premiership, but it’s looking good at the minute. I’ll be honest in saying that I still think Rangers will pip us to the league, but if we manage to get within 3 points of them, it really could make things interesting. And even if it does end up being the playoffs, then the way we’ve acquitted ourselves against Dundee Utd and Aberdeen this season has to give us real belief going into the playoffs at the end of the season. The best thing is, this team looks like it can get better and better. So it really does finally seem like we’re on an upward spiral again. Long may it continue. GGTTH

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